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Why I Show Up for My Clients and You Should Too

Imagine This

Imagine this, you just completed a very productive week of work. Before you leave for the weekend, a few colleagues stop in and you’re praised and validated for it. On another day, perhaps your youngest brings you a drawing made from the heart, a drawing that represents how much you are valued and appreciated for being there for the family. In moments like these, someone has taken the time to show up, notice and value you in the middle of your fast-paced life.

It is in our nature as human beings to want to feel connected. We want to feel like we’re being heard, valued, and understood. This is why I show up for my clients and you should too.
When it comes to sales, the connection is very important. You see, prospects are coming to you for value. They are reaching out to you as a business owner or sales coach for help with a problem or challenge. Making that human connection with potential clients is not only the best way to put them at ease and let them know that you genuinely care but it is also key to making the sale.

My Clients

As a sales executive with over a decade of experience in the corporate world, I understand that all sales are made by people and most people aspire for a connection. I believe in this so much that I transitioned away from the corporate world to connect with people and bring them solutions to their business challenges. I show up because I understand my business and I understand that what I am providing is bringing improvement into someone’s life.

I remember when I first started this journey, I decided to purchase a high-ticket coaching program. I was nervous about the ticket price but I had already set it in my mind that this was a transition I knew I wanted. I want to genuinely help people and I wanted to do it on my own terms. Let me tell you – this was a high-ticket purchase with very little impact. I was crushed but this fueled a desire in me to do better.

To show up. Every. Single. Time. I promised myself that I would never become the kind of coach that makes others feel like a number. During those high-ticket sessions, it became very apparent that the team was more concerned about the next 10K they were making than nurturing and providing for the current clients in place.

I believe that putting ourselves in the same shoes as our clients is so important in connecting with them and bringing them the best possible value. If you’re selling pillows, for example, you should understand what a person feels when they’re hoping to get the best night’s sleep. If you’re selling products or services in the hospitality industry, you should know what it feels like to have a fun time or have a positive experience.

Whatever you’re selling, you show up by connecting with clients and prospects. You show up by understanding their needs. You show up by providing improvement in their life.

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