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A Female that is running her business like a CEO

6 Terrific Tips on How to Run your Business like a CEO


CEO’s are responsible for defining a strategy and vision for the business and making sure it HAPPENS!

How to run your business like a CEO comes with its own list of tips and tricks. 

Check them out!

Doing so will help you to scale your business to exponential heights 

(minus the loss of sanity).


•Leading With ‘Heart’ And ‘Profit’ After

You will see a significant change in the workplace atmosphere if you consider this point, in order to run your business like a CEO. 

There’s something magical about working with and for someone who has your best interest at heart- no matter if that is personally or professionally.

It’s important to always keep in mind that leaders are there to serve those that are leading. 

By serving your employees, you can build a happier, more productive business with a better bottom line.



•Making Difficult Decisions 

There will be times that difficult decisions need to be made, and as the leader and CEO, you must own that, take responsibility for when and how those decisions will take place. 

Ensure that you’ve given it everything you have and taken into consideration how it is impacting the overall brand and vibe of the team. 

Here are a few decision-making skills a successful leader should possess:

  • Identify critical factors which will affect the outcome of a decision.
  • Evaluate options accurately and establish priorities. 
  • Anticipate outcomes and see logical consequences.
  • Navigate risk and uncertainty. 


•Hire Slow and Fire Fast 

According to Forbes, ‘Hire Slow and Fire Fast’ is a popular business saying.

It may sound harsh, but oftentimes, the ‘fire fast’ comes at the end of a lengthy journey of continuously trying, connecting, chatting, and caring, but ultimately not working out.

To ‘hire slow’ means to hire with intention, not reaction. When you have a job to fill, if you want to run your business like a CEO, get really clear on what your needs and expectations are.

• Managing Time Like A Champ 

The way CEOs allocate their time and their presence—where they choose to personally participate—is crucial, not only to their own effectiveness but also to the performance of their company. 

As the CEO and leader, you are responsible for what is taken as a priority among your team. 

But how can you effectively manage your time when there never seems to be enough time?

One of my favorite secrets to this is time blocking. 

I block time like it’s nobody’s business! 

One of the key benefits of time blocking is that it allows you to focus your energy at times when you’re most productive. It also gives you more control over your day and prioritizes your tasks.

And when you have only a certain amount of time, you’re less likely to have time to procrastinate, literally!

Without effective time management skills, you can’t run your business like a CEO. You will get eaten alive by the overwhelming tasks and responsibilities that only accumulate. 

Check out our past blog, “How to Focus On One Thing and Do It to the Best of Your Ability” to learn more ways to be productive with your time!  

A Female that is running her business like a CEO

•Delegate, Delegate, Delegate! 

A key to running your business like a CEO! 

If you want to grow, you’re going to have to let go!

Being the leader of a company means that you have a lot of responsibilities.

But eventually, you have to shift some of those to other people.

If you try and do it all like juggling too many balls in the air at once, they’re bound to all fall.

Allowing other people to take on tasks is a strength, not a weakness. It means you are able to accept that you can’t be an expert at everything and allow others to take on responsibilities that aren’t your strongest suit.

Delegating is what makes a team. 

Think about athletes sent onto the field- the coach isn’t trying to win the game all on their own.

They assign teammates to certain positions, just like a CEO must in order to run a business. 

Want to score success? 



•Expand Your Efficiencies

Efficiency is the ability to avoid wasting energy, money, and time in doing something vital.

Essentially, to run your business like a CEO, you need the ability to do things well and successfully. 

It will help you attain the things you value and move the needle toward achieving your overall vision.

Efficiency is all about doing things right

Like managing money, ensuring that you are marking a profit after you subtract the necessary costs. 


By now, you should have some idea on how to run your business like a CEO

There’s a lot to learn, but implementing these 6 tips will help you see success. 

Success for yourself, your employees, and your business.

Communicate, collaborate, demonstrate decisiveness, and do not be afraid to delegate. 

This will help you manage your time and how efficiently you work.

Remember- You are a leader that is paving the path for other leaders.

So lead not just with your head, but your heart


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