Stop Trying To Be Right All The Time And Actively Listen
Reminder to actively listen and respond with passion

Stop Trying To Be Right All The Time And Actively Listen

Everyone has their own opinion and points of view. 

One of the first understandings of being a great leader is embracing the above sentiment. Everyone has their own point of view. PERIOD. 

Sounds easy, right? Wrong. 

So many leaders (bosses) today are always trying to show their worth and want it to be their idea all the time, everytime. In my personal opinion, the best leaders create an inclusive environment and allow others to share their ideas freely. I stand by my main philosophy of leading which is allowing those around me to share their ideas and inspirations. Afterall, that’s usually where the great, innovative, game changing ideas come from. 

There’s a meme floating around out there right now that says something like “when those around you become quiet, you’re in trouble”. That’s not the exact quote, but a similar idea and wow what a truth bomb that is. 

Getting back to a cordial state of debate. It’s ok not to agree or not to have the same viewpoint than a peer, teammate, or friend, but what’s not ok is someone trying to push a topic, idea, or stance down someone’s throat. 

Reflect on yourself and be real with yourself, are you guilty of this as a leader? Do you want everything to be your idea and your vision? If so, you are likely losing, if not lost, your team and any kind of buy in from them. 

The collective vibes of your team and those around you is what brings the best innovative ideas to the table. Always, always be asking for feedback, input and suggestions. Whether you agree with the viewpoint or idea, is a moot point. Ask for it, embrace it and act on it. Receiving true and consistent feedback from your team is a sure tell sign your team trusts you and wants to make a difference. 

Give yourself a pat on the back – go you! 

Here are my top 3 ways to open conversation for transparent dialogue: 

  1. Sit in a space that is welcoming, not intimidating and look them in the eye. Your body language matters and can totally set the tone of the discussion. 
  2. Lean into the conversation by asking clarifying questions, building off their statements, getting excited and showing your passion if you love it. They will feel your energy and it’s contagious! 
  3. Follow up with them after the conversation, bring it up in passing, ask to meet again to brainstorm additional ideas, etc.

Hope these help and KEEP KICKING ASS!

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