6 Tips for Showing Up Authentically Online
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6 Quick Tips for Showing Up Authentically Online

“Showing up authentically online” is a real hot topic these days. What’s all the hype about? The reason we’re all over this craze is because, for so many of us, online presence translates directly to reality. That’s right — it’s pretty likely that more people know the online version of you rather than the in-person version of you. That’s just the way the world works now.

So can I get an A-FREAKING-MEN for throwing perfectionism to the curb?! 

HECK YES. Let. It. Go! 

Perfectionism is exhausting, overwhelming, and completely stressful — so why do so many people strive for perfection when posting online?  The world is stressful enough as it is, why add this pressure to yourself? You’re not perfect in real life, and nobody else is either.

GIRL. Do yourself a solid and stop the madness!

Ditch the Perfection Narrative

Creating a picture-perfect life on social media is something I’ve never understood. For me, the more real, authentic, and straightforward someone’s social presence is, the more appealing they are to me as an influential business or person to follow. That’s right — imperfection is relatable.

Human messiness is a factor that resonates so well because everyone can relate. Who doesn’t make mistakes? Who doesn’t have fires to put out? Everyone does. 

Personally, I’ve experienced being stuck in the trap of perfectionism time and time again, and each time it is seriously exhausting. I mean, I’m pretty sure it was making me physically ill. I just couldn’t stop thinking about what I need to do; what’s left on my to-do list, if this person will be happy, I can’t say no, and the list goes on and on AND ON. 

When you’re hellbent on making sure things are done with no mistakes, you’re left constantly questioning what you’re putting out into the world. Newsflash: trying to make everything look absolutely perfect in your world on social media just doesn’t work. 

It doesn’t work for you, for your business, or for the people that could genuinely use your help. You’ll never get through to them because they’re not seeing the REAL YOU. 

Authenticity online beats perfectionism every time. That’s why we’re sharing some real, raw tips to help you show up authentically online and connect with your ideal audience.

Woman Working from Home on a Strategy for Showing Up Authentically Online

6 Tips for Showing Up Authentically Online

  1. Get vulnerable. We all have moments when we know we need to show up, but we’re not feeling it. We don’t look good, we don’t feel 100%, whatever it may be. But you know what? That’s when you should be showing up the most. Showing up authentically online in those imperfect moments is what drives real connection. Seek engagement from your audience in these times. Jump on video when you’re least feeling it and show the vulnerable side of you.  
  2. Accept feedback. Ask your audience how you’re doing, how they’re feeling, and what they want to see. Most importantly — when they give feedback, take action on it! Your audience will tell you what they want more or less of, so just ask and you shall receive!
  3. Share your wins (and your losses). Make sure your social media platforms are infused with everything you do and how you help others. It’s your responsibility to ensure your audience knows how you help others! Share testimonials, success stories, and anything else that showcases the transformation you’ve helped your clients achieve. 
  4. Know your ideal client and speak directly to them. First of all, keep it simple. If a 4th grader could not understand the messaging you’re putting out on social media, your ideal clients will likely not either. They’re not on your Instagram page for a vocabulary lesson. Keep it simple and direct. Then make sure everything you speak on actually pertains to your ideal client! If you’re missing the mark — they’re not going to find you.
  5. Be empathetic. Make an effort to show your past, future, and current clients you care about them and see them as more than just a paycheck. When you establish authenticity online, it’s about more than just making money. It’s about establishing real connections.
  6. Collaborate! Partner up with others, even folks in the same space as you. There’s just something about community over competition that brings joy to so many! 

Social media can feel overwhelming, I totally get it. But it just simply does not have to be.  Showing up authentically online just means showing up as you, consistently and intentionally. So get out there, be yourself, and watch your growth progress and entire business shift for the better. 

You can do this. YOU WILL SUCCEED ONLINE!  Keep the perfectionism out of it, and release those ridiculous expectations by focusing on you, your authentic self, and those clients out there who need you.

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