The Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Business
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The Most Effective Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Marketing is such a broad topic. There are SO. MANY. THINGS. we could talk about, try to make happen, shift, pivot, add, and scale. But the thing is — everything is a tool in your toolbox. Every single new trend, app, system, and platform does not need to be added to your toolbox, because there’s always something new popping onto the market (no pun intended).  When we start adding in all the shiny trinkets, it becomes an overwhelming sea of just ‘stuff’. That’s why my secret to the most effective marketing strategy for your business is very simple.

Back to Marketing Basics

I love having this discussion, because not everyone views it this way, but hear me out.  I love going back to basics.  I mean really going back to basics.  I once coached a sales team to a million dollar month selling holiday events — seriously, holiday events — within a 3 week time frame.

You know how?  By going back to basics.  Build connections, relationships, and trust… then guide the client to what they need, and voila! We’re in business here, folks. Pumping out tons of revenue (in our marketing case, bringing tons of people to our product or service — you get the point). Stop overthinking. Stop buying the newest item out there. Implement what truly is the most effective marketing strategy: get back to basics. Build a solid foundation of what you know works well, then go from there. 

Stand out from the online noise by going old school.
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Now that you’re ready to get back to basics, take my top two following tips for a strong foundation. These two building blocks are marketing 101 — they’ll support the most effective marketing strategy you can have for your business, and you’ll see results in no time.


Building a business takes time. You may often feel like you’re spinning your wheels with various marketing attempts, but my firm advice: KEEP GOING & STAY CONSISTENT.  Whether you’re just starting out or have been in business for years, marketing has its ups and downs. More often than not, the trial and error process is rushed by business owners. The most effective marketing strategy I recommend to all my clients is simply consistency.

Allow your product, service, offering, or strategy to be out there for some time. Give it a fighting chance. Stick to the plan, because you never know who is paying attention, and BOOM — sometimes it seems out of nowhere — it pays off! 

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I can personally attest to feeling ALL THE FEELS when a plan is not taking off immediately. I drive my team crazy with my urgent “needs to pivot,” to which they tell me to take my own advice and trust the process. The point is, it’s hard as a business owner.  It’s difficult to stick to a plan when you’re not seeing immediate results. But like all else in life, good things take time, and that goes for an effective marketing strategy too.

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Clients, consumers, and even your competitors are paying attention — especially when your marketing efforts are consistent and in alignment with all aspects of your business and mission.  If you continuously shift your focus and throw too many things at the wall to see what sticks when it comes to brand marketing, it can come across as unprofessional, unsuccessful, or even cheap. 

Moral of the story: the most effective marketing strategy is to get back to basics by making a plan you know will work, sticking to it, and staying consistent. They’re watching. I promise you that!

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