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My six mindset mantras that keep me in check

Katrina’s 6 Mindset Mantras

I was recently sitting next to someone on the plane ride home and overheard them say to their friend, “I’m just so over it all. I’m over my job, I’m over my boyfriend and just over it”. I thought WOW, how awful must it be to feel that way, not only for herself but for her poor friend having to listen to those words. *yuck*

If you hate where you’re at and what you’re doing… then what sign are you waiting for to MAKE A CHANGE?!

So often I hear people say to me, well it’s just easy and I’m comfortable here… that’s why I don’t want to go or do something else. More often than that, I hear – well it’s just so much effort to update the resume, start applying and actually have to start interviewing.

Ummm… what?! Can we just say hello, mindset?

I preach it all the time – mindset is everything. Here are my top 6 growth mindset statements:

  1. 1. Talent comes from hustle & practice
  2. I am an impactful leader in my industry even when I am still a work in progress
  3. There is something very special about me, I am a rare little sparkle in this world, keeping the authenticity alive
  4. You become what you surround yourself with so choose your people, time and energy wisely
  5. Today I will take one badass step to being better than I was yesterday
  6. My life is mine – my choices, my hustle, and my legacy to make

Continue to grow, change and push yourselves. Set your own dedicated mantras that allow you to push yourself into a different headspace. Stop sitting in your comfort zone – nothing remarkable can come from that space.

Challenge yourself, get intentional with your mindset and choices and start making your dreams a reality. If you’re happy and content where you’re at in your career and life, GREAT… if not, get it together and start making things happen for you AND those around you. Everyone has 24 hours in the day… get intentional with your time, get purposeful in your actions, and watch the greatness unfold.

First step… mantra. What will YOUR mantra be? LET’S GO!

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