Newsflash! It all starts with YOU as the leader!
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It Starts With You

Newsflash! It all starts with YOU as the leader! 

How secure are you? 

I mean, seriously, dig deep, how secure are you about yourself, about your plan and about your intention and leadership skills? 

Do you feel confident in just about everything about leadership? 

It’s ok if you don’t, I’m here to give some tips on leading with intent and growing your leadership skills to rock out the next role and the role after that and the team after that… you get the point. 

First, if you’re a leader, one of your goals should be to have someone ready to take your role as soon as the next promotion comes up for you. If you don’t have someone on your team ready to do that, get it going and create a plan to make that happen. Here are my top 4 tips to get this started: 

  1. Create an open and transparent dialogue with your team members. 
  2. You want them to feel comfortable with sharing where they REALLY are and where they want to go. 
  3. Ask them what THEY are doing personally to make sure they reach those goals a. Side note – it’s important for them to understand you as the leader can help guide and coach them but it will take their #fiercefocus to stay on track 
  4. Start small and create a list of items they are working on right now, and some short term goals to help them see and feel the achievements – celebrate the small wins 4. Take it back to basics… basics, basics. You want to know and understand exactly where they are in their current role. Don’t assume they know it all, even if they said they did back in step 2. Ask them questions surrounding their role, how they’d handle certain situations both with their clients and peers. This will help you as the leader have a deep understanding of where you can help push and coach. 

Every position I hold I am constantly prepping the people around me to be an obvious choice if I was to grow in my current role. This is for 2 reasons – first, to protect the company and make sure I set the current team up for success if I do move on and secondly, so the team sees and feels the belief I have in them. 

Investing in your team will always, always pay off. There will be ups and downs, just like anything else, but it’s the wins that come from your team that makes a true leader shine. 

So, what will you be doing next to get your team ready for their next role? Tell us below!

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