Intentional Leadership: Create Your Vision, Build Your Team
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Intentional Leadership: Create Your Vision, Build Your Team & Make an Impact!

Intentional leadership separates the good from the great and keeps you on a defined path to achieve bold results.  We’ve all been through times in our career where we show up, do as told, and go home.  How can one be motivated to excel in that type of environment?  If you’ve experienced it, you know what I mean, you may even be in that position right now but we’re not going to let a little opposition slow us down. Let’s get into some raw details and shift ourselves to be purposeful in everything we do.

Intentional leadership means digging deep and understanding the reason you’re in that role and having a very clear vision of you and your desires, as well as the team you have the privilege of leading.

Others around you may not believe you are capable of the role you have been given, but you know you are. Keep that vision, that focus, and keep moving forward. Intentional leadership means that you have direction for your team– and nothing says leader more than having a clear vision that others can get behind. If you don’t already have a vision for your team, it is time to make one. Spend some time evaluating yourself, culture, energy, and your team and where you want to take it. Get everyone in on the plan and give them the opportunity to share their thoughts on what they would like to tackle and offer suggestions on how to make it happen.  Actively listen and stop talking!  No one wants a leader that just tells how it is and always makes the decision on how it’s going to be.  The best leaders are the last to speak– remember that.

Be bold and brave and make things happen. Set a goal and get after it with pride and purpose.

Once you have a clear vision it is time to put that into action. Sometimes you just have to pull the trigger and make big moves. After all, with great risk comes great reward. These are the leaders that people love to follow. Ones who actually try to achieve something. Ones who aren’t afraid to try, possibly fail, but get back up and try again. Lead your team toward the vision you created and allow them to help you make it a reality.  Embracing the feedback, ideas and words from your team and implementing them in the overall goal will gain trust and faith from your team.  Part of being a strong leader is showcasing to those around you that you value and appreciate their input.

Lead with intent and purpose, the rest will follow.

True leadership is all about a shared goal, vision, and belief. Sometimes you run into bosses (and yes, I used boss instead of leader) that do it the way they want, when they want. Their only goal is to not mess up, do the bare minimum, and go home. Don’t be a boss– be a leader.  A great leader has intention behind what they do. Others pick up on the enthusiasm and will follow in suit. These leaders make things happen simply by believing enough in their own vision and that type of energy is contagious. Others will learn to believe in your vision too, and once your team is working together nothing can stop you.

Get out there, get a vision, build your team, and make an impact.  True leaders create a culture of trust and openness and that’s where the best ideas grow!

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