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How To Get Your Audience to Listen To You

“Why does it feel like I’m talking to a wall?!”

How To Get Your Audience to Listen To You:
Have you ever thought to yourself, “why does it feel like I’m talking to a wall?!”. Well, you’re not alone, and that feeling is usually the exact opposite of what’s going through the minds of your audience as long as you are delivering powerful and resonating information.

Confusion is real, and I’m here to remind you, no one buys from confusion. You need to stay relevant and consistent. Your audience will get confused if you are not clear in delivery, consistent in offers, and staying on course to what your audience is expecting to receive from you.

One of the specific things I try to do during each session, post, training, coaching, etc., is using a metaphor to get the point across and relate it to a real-life example. This helps the audience because it gives a sense of basic understanding and often leads to those ah-ha moments.

How To Get Your Audience to Listen To You

My top 5 ways to keep your audience engaged, listen to you and take massive action:

  1. Relevancy – when creating content for courses, social media, and anything else that will be presented to your audience, you must make sure it’s connected to what you do and who you serve. It’s always good to keep in mind what’s happening or trending as well to try and connect those experiences to your content.
  2. Consistency – ok, this one is KEY! You cannot be out there posting on social whenever you want and taking lengthy breaks in between posts. A consistent strategy, time to get items accomplished, and creating content with a purpose in mind will help you stay on track and provide information, updates and work in a timely fashion. It’s always good for your audience to see consistency in social postings so they can look forward to the upcoming blog posts, videos, reels, etc.
  3. Clarity – we have to remember people buy and resonate from a place of understanding, and for this ‘understanding’ to occur, you have to be sharing a clear message. A tip from me to you – the more honest you are, the clearer the message, sometimes it’s ok to leave out the frills.
  4. Engaging – stop talking AT your audience and try to engage in conversation with them, even when you are coaching and teaching. The best classes I’ve ever been to had an instructor who engaged with the class with 2 way dialogue, whether that was asking questions, calling on people, or creating a space for everyone to engage and ask questions after the class.
  5. Follow Up – people are busy, and they don’t just stop being busy because they are interested in what you are selling. Life keeps moving. This is why we follow up, to remind our prospects and clients that we haven’t forgotten them! Trust me is they are no longer interested, they will tell you.

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