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Emotional Intelligence 101

Don’t be an emotional rollercoaster!

What’s worse than feeling just simply out of control of life and more specifically your emotions?  Not much in my opinion, however, there are definitely some ways you can work through it and not feel completely crazy going through it. 

As a leader, we have so much responsibility to be on point and really on “show” at all times.  At any given moment, people are looking and relying on us to inspire and motivate them, give direction or recommendations and the list goes on and on.  This is one of my favorite moments as a leader but it does play a toll on my internal rollercoaster so I have been becoming what I consider a somewhat expert on how to get control of my emotional state and bringing myself back to the moment of inspiring and leading.  Reminding myself of how fortunate I am that people lean on me to help guide them. 

So often we as leaders need to surrender and trust our feelings and capabilities.  The overwhelming feels are real, I’m not saying they disappear, I am saying we have the ability to take control of the feelings. For me, when I start feeling completely overwhelmed I circle back and reflect.  I breathe.  I take a moment to take a breath and give myself a little pow wow and whisper, “girl, you got this.  Get your shit together”.  For some reason that one little moment of breathing and reminding myself that this too shall pass puts me back into reality and I’m able to embrace the moment I am in. 

Understanding emotional state and teaching yourself to recognize when the rollercoaster is peaking takes practice. 

You don’t just wake up one day and all of a sudden, boom, you’re this master of all things emotions.  No, it’s not a snap of the fingers.  First, I recommend knowing your why, when you know your why it helps the roller coaster feel a little more manageable because you can always lean into your why and remind yourself this is all worth it.  We all get in the weeds and are pulled a ton of different directions on the regular because of the position we’re in but the difference of understanding your why and purpose allows you to ground yourself and know you will get to the overall goal and vision with time but right now your efforts are needed in a different situation. 

In every moment we have the ability to choose the energy, the positivity and how we approach a situation no matter what it is. 

Our internal voice is so powerful on how we think and feel and a lot of times I think we forget that or are in a situation that we feel we cannot control that internal voice, but that’s simply just not the case.  We need to learn and teach ourselves to really own our internal feelings, outlook and emotions and be the leader that those around us can rely on for consistency, balance and downright patience. 

That’s all for today.  Thanks again for joining me on Fierce Leadership, Bold Success.  Sending all my love to you fierce leaders! 

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