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We know the corporate world, because we came from it. As a team full of savvy entrepreneurs, marketers, and sales professionals, our purpose is to guide your team to success. We took the leap from corporate to build a more meaningful experience for ourselves and our clients. Join us!

We're bold. We're fierce. We're changing the way the world thinks about business.

What does KSB Agency do?

Simply put, we are the experts in Strategic Sales Consulting and Social Media Marketing. We help business owners and team leaders develop and execute more effective strategies to help their businesses grow — whether that’s in revenue, brand awareness, or otherwise.

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What does that mean?

We work with businesses of all sizes, and teams of diverse professionals. When businesses come to us, it’s typically because they’re facing one (or more) of the following challenges:

My sales team is not bringing in enough revenue and I know they’re capable of more.
My intake team is all over the place. I know we would have more customers if they were better trained.
I just don’t get social media and I don’t have time to learn it, but I know it’s important.
We’re trying so hard to grow our social media following, but we just aren’t seeing results.
I love what I do… but I don’t have any experience running the business.
I am spending too much time working in the business instead of on the business.
How do I streamline my business to become more productive and more effective?
I always get a lot of interest, but I have trouble closing the sale. I need help overcoming objections about pricing.

Why should I work with KSB Agency?

When you work with us, you can expect top-notch service from a team that truly cares about your success. We are your partners in growth, holding you accountable, and pushing you and your team to be authentic, bold, and fierce in all that you do. Our strategies scale as your business expands.

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We provide you with the tools to grow your social media presence and boost your sales team — ultimately increasing your revenue. Our path to success requires only a commitment from you to be truly confident in who you are and prioritizing your people over everything else.

Meet The Team

Meet The Team

Katrina Summers

Katrina is the Founder & CEO of KSB Agency. With over 10 years of corporate sales management and overseeing $80 million+ in revenue under her belt, it’s safe to say that corporate sales is her true passion.

Katrina knows how to bring people together. She’s created teams that would follow her to the ends of the earth, and she’s sharing the knowledge she’s gained in her corporate life with business owners everywhere.

She’s a super mom, fierce leader, sales queen, and renowned speaker. She’s laser-focused on empowering our clients to level up their confidence, business, and — most importantly — their lives. 

Leslie Weitz

Leslie is the Chief Operating Officer at KSB Agency, bringing over two decades of expertise in corporate leadership, specializing in Product, Software Development, and Business Development. 

Leading our team, Leslie ensures top-quality service delivery that exceeds client expectations. Her extensive product experience empowers the KSB team to identify client needs, offering innovative solutions with tangible results. 

As a wife, mom (and stepmom) to three, her balanced life is a testament to her dynamic personality. Away from work, you’ll find her volunteering, curating family adventures, binging on the latest docu-series, or enjoying the company of her two dogs.

Sami Winter

Sami is the Director of Communications & Client Success at KSB Agency. She’s built her role around relationships within the sales and hospitality industry because she loves to help others succeed. When she’s not creatively planning out amazing content for the KSB Community, Sami is a PR phenom. If you’re booking Katrina for an event or podcast, Sami is your go-to!

As an extremely dedicated team member who delivers quality to all our clients, she sets the bar high. Sami is great at anything she sets out to do, so when she sets a goal — she reaches it! She is a true at-your-service type of gal pal. 

When she’s not behind the scenes making magic happen, Sami trains in the gym with the help of her Strength Coach aka her Husband! Her nurture soul spends lots of time taking care of her plant babies and volunteering with a local refugee ministry.

A Note From Katrina

I remember sitting on a flight to another city, travelling away from my family once again, fighting through the day-to-day grind with no fire inside. I looked out the window and thought,
You know what? F*** this. I am better than this. I have more to give and a bigger imprint to leave on the world than this.

That was the moment it all happened. I decided right then and there that the BS I was dealing with in my corporate job was not worth the mental struggle. There would be no more dreading getting out of bed in the morning. I was going to take control.

Of course — there was a lot more happening behind the scenes that made me hate that corporate grind. But that moment on the airplane was exactly when I decided I was going to show up as me, my full authentic self, and make the full leap into my own business.

It’s hard. I know. I’ve been there time and time again, but you know what’s even harder? Not being the badass that you are. Not showing up as your true self. Not leaving the big impact on this world the way you’re meant to.

That’s why KSB Agency exists now. To help you take that leap. We know how because we’ve done it.

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