Professional Advice for a Successful Woman in Business

Professional Advice for a Successful Woman in Business

Every successful woman in business has felt the pressure of the outside world at one point or another. Honestly, it can feel like the pressure never really stops. External pressure drives so many decisions. It can be stressful.

Pressure to make a certain amount of money.

Pressure to look a certain way.

Pressure to follow a specific career path.

The list is infinite. We’ve felt pressure since we were kids on the playground. It certainly doesn’t stop in adulthood. In fact, it seems to get worse.

The pressure the world puts on us as successful women in business — as entrepreneurs, as mothers, and just as women in general is real. It’s overwhelming, it’s downright f-ing insane, but it’s also the most amazing crazy-ass time. I dropped some real, soul-seeking advice on perception in this Instagram post.  If you missed it, check it out here:

Our #1 Anti-Burnout Tip for a Successful Woman in Business

We put so much pressure on ourselves to control everything around us, both personally and professionally. That pressure just escalates further and further like a damn pressure cooker, ready to POP! 

The interesting thing is — everyone feels it. So why do we continue to put so much pressure on ourselves and on others when, let’s be honest, nobody likes it?

A successful woman in business typing on a laptop

This world needs more grace. We all need to learn to press pause.

Because when we give ourselves grace, space, and the ability to step back — something magical happens. When we press pause, we give ourselves moments of peace. And that’s powerful!

Being a successful woman in business requires more than just drive, grit, and constant pressure. It also requires the ability to reflect and prevent ourselves from burning out.

When everything feels like it’s about to overflow, acknowledge that feeling, own that moment, and muster the power to press pause. Because if you don’t take care of yourself first, how could you as a business woman possibly lead a team, or children, or a community to its fullest potential?

YOU. MUST. TAKE. TIME. Give yourself some space to enjoy life as it is, rather than rushing from one milestone to the next. Burnout is real. But once you learn to recognize it, it’s life-changing. 

So today, take a moment to remember that you are a badass business woman and practice the power in the pause.

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