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6 Signs You Are Kicking Ass as a Leader

In a world full of chaos and deadlines, self-care and affirmations can find themselves hitting the back burner. This is why, on this Fierce Leader Friday, I am here to provide you with your well-deserved affirmations.

Here are six (6) indications that you are, indeed, kicking ass!

Number One:

Is your team seeking you out to share wins, personal success stories, quotes, or feelings of gratitude?

You’re kicking ass!  If this is happening in your life, embrace it, reflect on what you’ve been doing or saying lately to receive such love from your team and keep it up!  Build on the foundation of this awesome vibe your team is sending you.  Keep doing what you’re doing and be proud of what you’ve built around you.  It’s something special!

Number Two:

Are the amazing human beings you surround yourself with daily, coming to you with solutions and recommendations, when presented with a challenge or opportunity, instead of asking “what can, or should I do?”

You’re kicking ass- keep it up! One of the best, most feel-good moments as a leader is when your team members become so confident that they propose solutions, rather than request them from you.  It may not always be the best resolution or next step, BUT it opens the door to growth and dialogue that leads to an understanding of how to get to a better resolution next time and gives us an opportunity to better understand the minds of those we support. 

Number Three:

You wake up every morning, jump out of bed, count your blessings and squeal with excitement at the prospect of getting after it.

Oh, you are for sure kicking ass! The thought of seeing your team makes you feel like the luckiest leader in the world because you lead with heart, passion, dedication and strength.

Number Four:

If you are surrounded by a group of future leaders because they have trusted you, grown with you, embraced your feedback and ultimately have an inner drive to be the best version of themselves. 

Kudos to you, fierce leader… that’s a direct reflection of the leadership and culture you’ve helped create!  So guess what?  That’s right, you’re totally kicking ass!  

Number Five:

Does your team seek out your advice and guidance, pertaining to more than just work? 

If your answer is yes, that means your team members feel connected to you and look to you for personal and professional guidance.  You should know…as long as you’re careful not to blur the lines and always maintain professionalism, you’re kicking some serious ass!  The best teams have an incredible camaraderie that welcomes hard conversations and sometimes not so fabulous feedback. 

Number Six:

If you’re always being told that you have the ability to influence and inspire, not just your team but the organization as a whole. 

There is no better compliment in the world, so you must be kicking ass!  Having the confidence to manage up, inspire a difference and see your team’s innovative ideas come to life is awe-inspiring.  Keep on pushing, there’s a whole group behind (or in front) of you that are being inspired by your character and strengths as a leader!

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