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6 MUST Know Prospecting Tips To Help You Stand Out


Are you struggling to get more prospects and leads into your sales funnel for your business? 

Feeling like you’re not fierce enough to keep up with your constant competitors?

As a business owner, we are exactly that, 


I get it.  

The thing is, without sales…

We are not real business owners because we will have no business…

Therefore- We need a prospecting tip or two! Learning, embracing, and getting strategic with your prospecting and how to close the sales is crucial in the success of your business. 

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(no matter what barriers are in your way

Keep reading to hear my juicy 6 must-know prospecting tips to help you stand out so the sales come to YOU! 

But first, let’s get crystal clear on why sales prospecting is important. 

Prospecting allows you to identify good-fit customers for your business!!

This means finding leads who truly need your product or service to solve their challenges and pain points. 

Prospecting, done right, not only creates a pipeline of potential customers, it helps propel you into a position above the rest. 

So let’s get down to business and crack open these 6 MUST know prospecting tips to help you stand out!

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1. Form alliances and collab with other small businesses that compliment your brand, not with your direct competitors

There are countless ways you can collaborate with other businesses for a cross-promotion.

You can mention each other on social media, create a joint advertisement for a newspaper, or combine your email subscriber lists to send out a joint promotional mailing.

Hint: A great platform to communicate on is through Slack.

2. Use a platform like Vidyard to create a quick intro video

If you want major props from your audience, do this and send via email to stand out like a boss. Your prospects will be sure to remember your name. 

Plus it’s naturally intriguing, so they’re more likely to open your email!


3. Always always offer genuine value 

Do not sound like a robot, no one likes to be talked to by a robot. 

But you don’t want to overdo it either. 

The key here is to BE YOU, look to build a real connection, and lead with what’s in it for THEM. Trust…then you’ll have them listening with this prospecting tip.   


4. Look for companies that recently received funding

Start understanding their business model more and if your product or service would be a good fit for them. If yes, then don’t be shy!

Pick up the phone or swing by and introduce yourself.

Entrepreneur researching a prospecting tip to stand out

5. Referrals, referrals, referrals

I’m about to throw you an awesome prospecting tip here…

You need to ask the question to get them thinking about referring someone to you.  

Everyone is busy, so we all need a gentle nudge or question to get those referrals. 


6. Send them a handwritten card. 

This can be a note congratulating them on a win, a thank you note or note of encouragement-

Even a note saying “Hi”-you’d love to introduce yourself, goes a LONG way.

It sounds simple but these things stand out because the world is so digital, which for you,

makes it an advantage!  

This prospecting tip will surely help you stand out among the rest. 

If you made it to this point, congrats!

You just earned yourself a BONUS prospecting tip!

—Be comfortable with saying you are not the right fit

Not everyone will be your ideal prospect and not everyone will be an ideal client you want to work with. 

Which is okay!

Yes, we are always prospecting because we want more clients and revenue, however, you are doing yourself and the prospective client a disservice by taking on work that is not in your area of expertise. 

Help them find the person or business they need to be speaking with so they will hopefully return the favor in the future.  

When you showcase that you are not only willing to give up the “sale” and not trying to sell them on something they don’t really need,

And to then go the extra inch and introduce them to who they DO need…

Guess what? 

YOU are now memorable (and stand out) enough to where they’ll want to return the favor with an introduction down the line!

Prospecting not only has its benefits but is a necessity for business owners to retain customers and grow revenue.

It also builds your social media presence so you stand out as the EXPERT.

When you apply these 6 must-know prospecting tips to help you stand out,

You will become a PROLIFIC prospecting pro- ESPECIALLY if you join the waitlist here for our sales accelerator program:

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I promise. 

Go get ’em tiger. 


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