4 Proven Strategies to Build Sales Confidence
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4 Proven Strategies to Build Sales Confidence

Sales is not as hard as what we have been taught to believe. 

Pitching is NOT as dreadful as we have been told.

It doesn’t have to be memorize, and repeat over and over like a robot. The secret to overcoming the fear of sales and the dread of pitching is simple.


The one thing we’re not taught by sales managers is exactly the thing that leads us to a successful sales career. Not only does confidence give us the power to be sales machines, but it also opens the door to become a kick*ss business owner and overall rockstar in life. 

What is Sales Confidence?

Sales confidence is the ability to enter a room and sell your product to anyone there with ease. We’ve all met people with this type of confidence: it’s the person who speaks about something with such passion and conviction, they turn everyone around them into believers.

The thing is, you can’t kid yourself into thinking that you’re”just not that type of person”. Sure, some people have a natural knack for selling. But so many more people learn sales confidence — even though they weren’t born with it — to become great at what they do.

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This doesn’t mean you have to be someone you’re not. Quite the opposite, actually. Being entirely and authentically you is what matters most in building sales confidence. Check out this podcast episode featuring KSB Agency Founder & CEO Katrina Summers in which she talks about stepping into your authentic self.

So why does sales confidence matter? We are always selling! Even if you don’t work in sales. Whether you’re convincing your partner to buy a certain color car, getting your boss to say yes to that standup desk, or wrangling your friends together for an island vacation instead of another trip to Vegas. The point is — selling is a part of life.

It’s something that continues to evolve over time, and once you become confident in a selling process that works, you will all of a sudden start getting everything (or most things) that you want, no matter who you’re talking to! 

Without confidence in what you’re selling and believing in your sales tactics and success, you will fall short of meeting goals and furthering your career. 

How Do I Build Sales Confidence?

Building confidence in sales isn’t necessarily easy — and it’s certainly not something that’s always taught. If you’re lucky enough to have a leader or mentor that preaches sales confidence, you’re already a step ahead. If you don’t — seeking out an accountability partner or someone to guide you through the process can be extremely helpful.

But if you’re ready to put in the work and level up both your career and life, you can start on your own with the basics of building sales confidence. It won’t happen overnight, and it will require practice and patience. So buckle up and get ready to absorb our top 4 proven strategies to build sales confidence.

  1. PROGRESS OVER PERFECTION. Always. That means you must get comfortable with being uncomfortable. When you start, it’s not going to be perfect. In fact, failing is part of the process. But you can always pivot based on what you learn. If you need to adjust your services, offerings, sales page, etc. as you learn and grow — that is totally ok!
  2. KNOW YOUR WHY. In any conversation or interaction you have, you must know your why. Why do you do what you do? Why do you help people in that way? Why are you passionate about it? Why does it work? Why are you telling me? When you can answer the “why” questions — you control a conversation and establish your authority.
  3. STOP WAITING. There is no perfect moment when selling, and there never will be. So stop waiting for it and just do it! The more you practice putting yourself out there — regardless of the moment feeling “right” or not — the better you’ll get at steering the conversation and making moments work in your favor.
  4. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE. We know. Nobody wants to sound like a robot rehearsing the same script over and over again. Don’t do that! Just practice the important pieces. Know your who, what, when, where, why, and the answers to commonly asked questions. Practice different scenarios, practice with different people — whatever it takes until you feel like you know how to drive the conversation and overcome any objection thrown your way by empathizing with the possible concerns.

We’re telling you; sales doesn’t have to be scary. Pitching doesn’t have to be dreadful. You can get really great at closing deals just by building sales confidence. If you need more of a boost, check out KSB Agency’s Founder & CEO Katrina Summers as she shares her 4 Quick and Easy Self Confidence Boosters. Then put these tips into practice and let us know how it goes!

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